Ethereum Towers Update: May 2022

Ethereum Towers External Environment
Ethereum Towers Sky Garden Prototype Teaser
Ethereum Towers Communal Areas
Ethereum Towers Curated Sky Gardens
Ethereum Towers Atrium Prototype Teaser
Penthouse Atrium #1
Penthouse Atrium #2

To date our Strategic Investors have invested $1.1M!

At the time of this release, the IDO activation strategy has been placed on hold as the Ethereum Worlds’ team assesses the current market situation.

Ethereum Towers Native Utility Token ($TWR)
Staking Portal
Lights, Camera, Action Bundle (WIP)
BlockDown Croatia 2022 #1
BlockDown Croatia 2022 #2
Ethereum Towers Citizenship Award



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Ethereum Towers

Ethereum Towers

Building a community-centric, vertical Metaverse consisting of 4,388 resident-owned apartments & communal areas, set in our forthcoming Metaverse.